Your wallet. Now in your phone.

Introducing, the Pollet project.

Your money, identity cards, tickets, bills, business cards -

all digital, all easy, all secure.
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Now pay money, share business cards, carry purchase bills, tickets, identity cards; all right through your phone. You no longer have to deal with the archaic and troublesome way of handling money; no need to bother about losing receipts; and just imagine the convenience of a digital driving license.

To make this possible, we are currently collaborated with more than 600 retail brands globally, are available in 7 nations and are expanding vigorously as you read this.

The service can also be accessed in its entirety via the website.


Pay across the counter just by touching your phone on the NFC receiver present at their end. Or, use QR codes and Unique Identification Numbers to pay just as fast. All your bank accounts, credit/debit cards and other shopping cards can be configured and included in the app for unparalleled convenience.


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your credit cards, business cards,
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